To Help You Take Heed

The recent developments concerning Ted Haggard are sobering for all of us who acknowledge the depths of depravity within our own hearts. What really happened may forever remain a mystery to us, but the lessons must not escape the attention of God’s people–particularly those of us who serve as shepherds under the Chief Shepherd. We must take to heart that old proverb, “Any sin that any sinner has ever done, I could do.”

Mark Driscoll, Tim Challies, and Scot McKnight have written thought-provoking pieces worthy of our consideration while we ponder the radical depravity of our human condition. I commend these to you with the hope that God will use them as a means of grace for your own heart.

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3 Responses to To Help You Take Heed

  1. Thanks for that link, Sam. May God give us grace to think soberly and to hold one another accountable for the sake of the gospel.Matthew

  2. For some reason, Blogger cut off part of Sam’s link. You can find it here.

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