PCA Report on the New Perspective on Paul

The Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) has released a study of the Federal Vision, the New Perspective on Paul, and Auburn Avenue Theologies. You’ll find it here.

HT: WorldMag.

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2 Responses to PCA Report on the New Perspective on Paul

  1. Jon E. says:

    Hi Matthew,Thanks for posting this. It’s good information. Although I didn’t read the whole document, I did scan through it all and I find it interesting that they quote the WCF and refer to the doctrine it contains rather than pointing to actual scripture (for the most part). I do understand that they feel the WCF articulates the truth that the Bible contains, but it does give me the feeling that they have elevated that man made document above the God-breathed document. Not defending the NPP, but I’m not sure I like the way they counter it.BTW, haven’t seen you online in a long time. Where you been hiding?In Christ,Jon

  2. Oh, here, there, and everywhere. =) I haven’t logged into my IM account in a while.I wonder if the PCA’s big point was to question whether the NPP fit within the denomination’s stated theological framework (i.e., the WCF) rather than to question its biblicity. Not to justify it, but it’ll definitely merit some careful reflection.Grace and peace to you,Matthew

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