WTS Book Sale

Westminster Theological Seminary has apparently closed their on-campus bookstore in order to do some remodeling. Consequently, their sales are a bit down, so they are offering weekly specials on books, up to 45% off. On this week’s listing: Valley of Vision (leather-bound) for $14.30 (reg. $26), The Bruised Reed for $3.85 (reg. $7), and Revival and Revivalism for $18.15 (reg. $33). You’ll find it here.

HT: Justin Taylor.

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3 Responses to WTS Book Sale

  1. Al Hoskinson says:

    MatthewYou’re not buying more books, are you? Remember, you get all of mine (16) when I die.Dad

  2. Ryan Martin says:

    WTS has the best prices I have found for ESVs, and their shipping rate is quite reasonable (and encourages you to buy much more!)

  3. 16? Right. More like 1600.Love you!Matthew

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