A New Direction?

It is a tremendous mercy of God to be a part of Heritage Bible Church. Kimberly and I have been members for six years, including one as an intern and three-plus on the pastoral staff. Overseeing the nursery through college groups has been a great joy–especially shepherding the dozens of teenagers that populate our youth group. We have built strong relationships, traveled to foreign countries together, and watched God’s grace poured out on us in a myriad of ways. All along, we’ve known the likelihood that the days of our current ministry would end–and that has not been an easy thought.

It appears that such a transition may be in our near future. This past Sunday, Danny announced my candidacy for another pastoral position here at Heritage: the Pastor of Ministry Vision. The role is quite similar to what other churches call the Executive Pastor. The job description outlines four areas of oversight: all church ministries, staff, finances, and facilities. Because of the team approach to ministry we’ve taken here, the role is not to be the sole operator in those areas, but to cast vision for and coordinate each of these areas. My job would be to serve as Danny’s extension, freeing him to lead and shepherd our congregation through the ministry of the Word and prayer by assisting him in the day-to-day administration and oversight of the flock. It’s a tall order, to be sure. But I am reminded of something I heard Piper say recently concerning pastoral work generally: “It’s an impossible job.” And God intentionally gives us the impossible so that he might receive all glory through it.

As we prepare for a congregational vote on December 12, I would appreciate your prayers for God’s wisdom to be demonstrated through our church body. The Lord has been gracious to rest our hearts on his unfailingly good sovereignty, so that we might confidently say, “Let your will be done.” Please pray that he might continue to shepherd our hearts, the hearts of our teens, and the hearts of our congregation this way.

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One Response to A New Direction?

  1. Will says:

    Aha – I was wondering what was up when we visited HBC recently and heard something about Abe Stratton taking over your position. It’s all clear now. Hope you’re doing well, Matt. Praying for you.

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