Special Course at Geneva Reformed Seminary

Geneva Reformed Seminary of Greenville will be offering a Monday night course this winter/spring on Christ in the Old Testament. The teacher will be Dr. Michael P. V. Barrett, author of Beginning at Moses, a book on that very topic.

From the course description:

Jesus Christ is God’s final, perfect, incomparable Word—His only Word for man. Finding Christ is the key that unlocks the message of the Scripture, including the Old Testament. The message of Christ in the Old Testament is discernible and discoverable. The objective of this course is to establish and illustrate the necessary principles of interpretation for discovering what the Old Testament reveals about Christ. Searching for Christ in all the places God has revealed Him is not a vain game of hide and seek; it is a sure thing. It is seeing Christ that removed the veil in reading the Old Testament.

The class will be on Monday evenings (7-10pm) beginning January 14 through February 25. As a two credit course, the cost is $275, but students can audit the course for $75. Information on how to register for the class can be obtained from Sandy Barrett. You can reach her by phone (864.268.7071) or by e-mail (genevareformed@freepres.org).

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2 Responses to Special Course at Geneva Reformed Seminary

  1. apathos says:

    You’re doing this to tease all of us out-of-towners, aren’t you? 🙂

  2. Sorry, man. There are certainly some disadvantages to living in Greenville, but having Barrett less than three miles away from your front door is certainly not one of them!Grace and peace to you.

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