Streeter Resigns from PCC

Installed a little more than a year ago, Pastor Lloyd Streeter is no longer the co-pastor of the Campus Church in Pensacola, FL. According to one blogger, the announcement was made on Wednesday, February 13 at the Campus Church. Here is a statement that was read at the church he previously pastored (First Baptist of LaSalle, IL):

Pastor Streeter resigned his position at Pensacola Christian College and [the] Campus Church because of doctrinal differences. These doctrinal differences involve such things as repentance for salvation, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the origin and nature of the Church, the composition of the Rapture, the placement of the Judgment of Old Testament saints, and the nature of the Kingdom. Generally, these doctrines are part of dispensational truth. Also, Pastor Streeter believes in being militant for the faith and thus he is a fundamentalist. The Hortons disagree with this stand.

The Streeters have moved to Lake City, FL, some 300 miles east of Pensacola, where they have purchased a home.

The Streeters do not wish any ill for PCC or the church. In fact, the Streeters wish the Hortons, the college, and the church well. They part as friends, but Pastor Streeter cannot stay where he cannot preach the whole counsel of God.

Pastor Streeter was my wife’s pastor through her childhood and teenage years, and he performed our wedding in 2000. My theological disagreements with him notwithstanding, I am particularly appreciative for the manner in which he directed our wedding ceremony to be a true worship service. I wish him and his wife the best as they move forward.

HT: Timothy Durey

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10 Responses to Streeter Resigns from PCC

  1. AJ Gibson says:

    So is Streeter more or less dispensational than PCC on these issues? (I.e., in the list of differences, on which side does he fall?)

  2. Good question, A. J. I’m not sure. I would assume that he is more dispensational than PCC, but I don’t know their theology department that well.If you click on the link attached to his name, you’ll find his blog. It looks like he’s just started it, so there’s not much there. But there is a detailed doctrinal statement posted. Perhaps that would answer your question.

  3. Darrell says:

    There’s a whole bunch more discussion and conjecture on this going on hereCan you cite your source for that statement being read? That certainly is a very different perspective than what was reportedly said in the Campus Church.Darrell Dow (a.k.a. ‘one blogger’)

  4. Darrell,Thanks for the post on your blog. I meant to post a link in your comments section to this post, but I forgot to do so.I received the quoted material from a friend whose dad is a leader in the LaSalle church. He did not know the source of the statement, but it sounds to me like it came directly from Pastor Streeter. That is just a conjecture, but looking at the wording, it seems like a reasonable one.

  5. unrelated: but I know Darrell, well online. small world.

  6. FWIW, I was just informed that Pastor Streeter’s doctrinal statement is no longer on his website. It was there earlier today when I originally posted the link.The site looks different than it did earlier. It seems to me that it is under construction and (hopefully) the statement will be posted again later.

  7. Okay, if you click on the title of my topic – “Dr. Streeter Resigns” – you’ll see that it takes everyone to your site. I thought that was a way to give you ultimate recognition! 🙂

  8. Well, it’s only fair. I didn’t give you a hat-tip for several hours after I posted it. =)All’s fair in love and blogging.

  9. Adam Bailie says:

    Matt,I just read your article in 9Marks Journal. Risky business but I am glad for the work you put into it. I am sorry to have missed an opportunity to fellowship a couple weekends ago. Lord willing, we will be able to connect at T4G. Grace and peace.

  10. Bails,Great to hear from you! Thanks for your comment on my article. I guess we’ll see how risky it is as the days wear on. =)See you at T4G!Grace and peace to you,Matthew

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