Maybe She Didn’t Get It After All

A conversation between my wife Kimberly and our four-year-old daughter Angelica:

Kimberly: I want to tell you something, sweetheart. Daddy is sick. He has something called cancer.

Angelica: What’s cancer?

Kimberly: Cancer is something that is inside you that makes you feel sick.

Angelica: Oh.

Kimberly: I wanted you to know this because Mommy and Daddy are going to have a lot of doctor’s appointments to go to. So we are going to be gone from home more than usual, and you’ll have lots of different babysitters.

Angelica: OK.

Kimberly: But Daddy and I just want you to know that we love you, and . . .

Angelica: God is in control.

Kimberly: Yes, that’s exactly right.


Angelica: What does “in control” mean?

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5 Responses to Maybe She Didn’t Get It After All

  1. Mark Kelly says:

    Came across your blog after someone mentioned prayer for you. Prayed for your family today.May the God of all comfort, comfort you now (2 Cor 1); may the God of peace be with you (Phil.4); and may the God of hope cause you to abound in hope (Rom 15).God bless,

  2. 🙂 aw. Praying for you tonight, Matt.

  3. IMPACT FBC says:

    I read this post today and couldn’t help but think of my little 4-year old at home. It’s neat to see them as they grow up begin to “realize” different truths that they hear, like in prayer time and Bible stories, and then make “application.” The simple fact that this was the first thought off her tongue is a testimony to what she is observing in her parents and family around her. May the Lord keep His sustaining grace near you all as you continue down this road “in His control.”

  4. Gwendolyn says:

    there are some really great resources for kids dealing with their parent’s cancer…arg..wish i had them at my fingertips. I’ll try to looks some up and send you links. There are books and even dolls that can be ordered with PICC lines or Ports and removeable hair. They’re great teaching tools as well as a good way for kids to come to grips with and understand cancer a little better. I’ll see if I can find them..

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