Cancer Journal (08.08.26): "My Cup is Empty!"

A friend of mine recently told me how God has been at work in his life through his children. Like Kimberly and me, he and his wife have three girls, about the same age as ours. (Unlike us, they are expecting their fourth this fall!) As I read what he wrote, I felt the sins of my own heart exposed.

[Children are] such little object lessons for us in our Christian walk. [My wife] and I were just talking about it the other night in reference to some mild trials I’m going through at work. We find ourselves saying to the girls, “Can you just ask?” So instead of saying, “Dad, my cup is empty,” maybe you could say, “Dad, may I have some more water please?”

Sometimes I think God looks at me and says, “I’m waiting for you to ask.” Of course, the difference is that He doesn’t get impatient and frustrated with me. He just says, “Look at Me. I own the cattle on a thousand hills, I have power over the body and the soul, I created heaven and earth. There’s nothing I can’t do for you. I’m just waiting for you to ask.” And I trudge along saying, “My cup is empty. Hey, my cup is empty! Can’t you hear me? MY CUP IS EMPTY!”

Because all my hope and peace, all my righteousness is found nowhere else but Jesus.

Because God’s grace is sufficient, whether or not I recognize its presence.

Because of two letters–one from an old friend, the other from a youth group in NH–that have been tremendous sources of encouragement. (Note to self: I need to write more letters.)

Because the Lord has been graciously giving a post-chemo cycle of one bad week followed by one good week.

That God would be pleased to make me an evangelist.

That my soul would be satisfied to know that his love will never fail.

That God would continue to grant recovery through my chemo treatments. (The next one is tomorrow.)

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2 Responses to Cancer Journal (08.08.26): "My Cup is Empty!"

  1. Very timely reminder for me, Matt! I thank God for your testimony in my life.

  2. Rachel McC says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words! Praying for you and your family.

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