Bailout Bill Jams House E-Mail

After having trouble e-mailing my congressman some thoughts concerning the revised bailout bill, I found this report from ComputerWorld:

The IT staff at the U.S. House of Representatives is taking emergency steps in an effort to handle a fourfold increase in the amount of e-mail that has come in via the House’s Web site since Sunday, when the text of the proposed Wall Street bailout bill was posted online. The crush of e-mails from constituents about the proposed $700 billion bailout clogged the servers hosting the Web site, making it inaccessible for lengthy periods of time on Monday, when the House voted down the bill and triggered a massive sell-off in the stock market.

When the reporter tried to access the site this morning, “it was accessible but only after a delay, and it appeared to be responding slowly overall. Parts of the site seemed to be functioning this afternoon. But the links from the home page to individual representatives and committees, as well as the ‘Find Your Representative’ and ‘Write Your Representative’ applications, were still sluggish or unresponsive.”

If you’ve experienced the same problems, you might want to e-mail your congressman through his or her campaign website.

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5 Responses to Bailout Bill Jams House E-Mail

  1. So how do you stand on the bill?

  2. Here is what I wrote Mr. Inglis about the bill:Mr. Inglis,As a fellow Republican who has voted for you repeatedly, I would like to voice my objection to the $700 billion package currently before the House. I opposed the original House bill on conservative economic grounds. It is not the role of the government to buy private property, much less from banks who should not have made the loans in the first place. The Senate’s revisions seem targeted for folks like me, but only add $150 billion to our federal deficit.If I trusted the government to operate like a business, then I could see how both the $700 billion of property purchases and the $150 billion in tax cuts could resolve many budgetary issues. Unfortunately, this government (including Republicans and Democrats alike) seems intent on spending ourselves into increasing amounts of debt. I am confident that whatever income this bill might generate will be spent long before it comes in.I have heard the president’s warnings as one who gladly voted for him twice. I disagree, however, with his assessment. And even if a failure to act should trigger an economic crisis, I think it will prove to be the right answer in the long term. Given the option of curbing the economic slowdown while increasing government versus limiting government’s involvement while weathering economic storms, I choose the latter.I hope that you will reverse your earlier position, join Senator DeMint, and vote No to this flawed bill.With much appreciation and respect for the service you render,Matthew C. Hoskinson

  3. Michael G. says:

    So many people wrote their congressman to vote no on this bill, myself included, yet they will make sure to vote for McCain in just a few days. They call Obama a Socialist? McCain is no different.

  4. As far as this presidential election is concerned, I think our options are either the Democratic path to socialism or the Republican path to socialism. The latter may be slower, but it seems that they’re heading the same direction.

  5. Michael G. says:

    I agree that the normal choices, GOP or Democrat are virtually the same. It is as if the nation is a bunch a frogs sitting in hot water. Right now we are cooking slowly. Obama wants to turn up the heat to get us done faster, while McCain wants to turn the heat up too, but just not as high as Obama. I say it is time to get out of the pot! I won’t be voting for either of them, I’ll be voting 3rd party.

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