Birthday Greetings

Happy birthday to my mom! I would tell you how old she is today, but nobody really knows. When she was born in the rural areas of Korea (soon-to-become South Korea), the birth of a girl did not merit a trip into town to register her birth. So her official birthday is in January, but her family thinks–thinks!–she was born some time in November. Thus, we celebrate the 5th.

For what it’s worth, my mom also has a third birthday, the traditional (read, old-school) day when everyone in Korea celebrated their birthday together. So we’ve teased her for years that, with all her birthdays, she’s nearing 200 years old!

On a more serious note, my mom’s lifestory is one of the most profound testimonies to God’s free grace that I know. I praise the Lord for the 1967 North Korean hijacking of the U.S.S. Pueblo that led LBJ to increase troops, thus redirecting an eighteen-year-old Michigander (among many others) from Vietnam to South Korea, where he eventually met and married my mom. She has now lived in the States nearly a decade longer than her homeland, and she has been a believer for a quarter-century.

Like so many others, I am a second-generation Christian. God chose to spare me from a much more difficult road as a youngster, largely through the grace he gave to my parents. What blessings there are for the children of believing parents!

Mom, happy birthday! I love you and pray that the grace of our Savior would continue to refresh your heart.

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4 Responses to Birthday Greetings

  1. Charles says:

    heng-bok-han seng-il

  2. Charles says:

    As I was brushing my teeth I remembered the song so I have to make the correction – seng-il gi-puh ham-ni-da!!(sorry I am obviously not a native 🙂

  3. Becky says:

    Hey Matt,Tell your mom Happy Birthday from the Farmers!!

  4. Ted & Karen says:

    It was a joy to share the 11-05-08 birthday with your mother at church this week! She is a great blessing as your mother and a pastor’s wife.Ted and Karen

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