Cancer Journal (08.11.20): Here Again

So what’s a couple of months amongst friends?

I knew that I had gotten a bit behind in updating family and friends through these cancer journals. But my last one was in September? Wow. My apologies.

There are so many things to share about what God is doing in my heart through all of this, but for now I’ll keep this limited to an update on my physical condition.

  • Yesterday was chemo #10. Praise the Lord! This leaves two to go (12-3 and 12-17).
  • My most recent PET scan showed considerable progress. Good news #1: there are no traces of the cancer metastasizing. Good news #2: the affected lymph nodes, which had tripled in size due to the cancer, have shrunk in half. Again, God be praised!
  • After initially considering radiation unnecessary, my doctor gave my case a second look-over, which included some extra reading and research as well as discussing my situation with two other doctors. It looks like I will undergo some radiation, probably after the first of the year. While in some ways this was a downer, again the Spirit has directed my heart to praise our gracious God for my doctor’s extra work is in direct answer to our prayers that he would have wisdom in treating me. How gracious our Savior is to condescend to hear our requests!


Because the clouds that I now dread are big with mercy and will break in blessings on my head.

Because God has answered prayers for my doctor wisely to diagnose my case.

Because of Kimberly. She has been the grace-filled, truth-speaking model of a wife after God’s own heart. I know I’m speaking in human terms, but I couldn’t go through this without her.

That I would finish well. I don’t want to limp across the finish line; I want the last quarter of chemo treatments to be my strongest. How I finish is more important than how I start.

That God would continue carrying us on the waves of his grace–and that we would make full use of every means of grace.

That God would be glorified as I preach at Heritage on the 30th. I need his mind concerning what to share.

That God would bring my doctor, nurse, and their families to that worship service. Kimberly and I invited them yesterday.

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2 Responses to Cancer Journal (08.11.20): Here Again

  1. Matthew, thank you for your grace-centered thoughts that draw me back to “the one eternal True.” Grace Church of Alexandria prays often for you, Kimberly, and the kids! We will pray for the 30th, that “His word will be in your mouth” and that the Spirit will cause none of your words to “fall to the ground.”

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