Merry Christmas from the Hoskinsons!

Christmas 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

Last Christmas none of us could have predicted what path our sovereign and good God would lead us through in 2008. We certainly wouldn’t have chosen it, but neither would we trade one moment of it for anything in the world.

As you probably know, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma in June. Following the doctor’s orders, I underwent twelve chemo treatments (my last one was yesterday!) and am planning on three-and-a-half weeks of radiation in late January/early February. My most recent scan showed that the cancer is either dead or gone. Praise the Lord!

More significant to us, however, is what Christ has done in our hearts through this process. Cancer may have been a surprise to us, but it was no surprise to our Lord. Furthermore, it was his divine intention to bring cancer to me in order to display his greatness and goodness to us. We have experienced depths of God’s love that we wouldn’t have known apart from cancer. We have seen wonders of God’s glory that we would have missed otherwise. We have learned to pray sincerely, “Lord, as long as you are glorified, bring whatever you deem best.” And we have been carried along on waves of God’s unending grace. It has been “grace on top of grace” (John 1.16).

There’s been a whole lot more to 2008 than my battle with cancer. Angelica started K5 at Greenville Classical Academy—and loves it! Raeanna (3) and Liviya (2) are enjoying extra morning times with Mommy, excited about music class, and being adorable, carefree preschoolers. Kimberly has been truly amazing. You’d think taking care of three children ages five and under would be enough. But add to that a thirty-one-year-old cancer patient, and you’ve got a busy life! If you know her at all, though, you won’t be surprised to hear me tell you that she has handled this with steady confidence in God and increasing delight in her Savior. That’s not at all to say that this has been easy; it is to say that God has been more than enough.

In all our light affliction, we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. Neither we nor you know what 2009 will bring. But know this: whatever God does in your life next year, he will do it to magnify the worth of his Son in your eyes. And that is worth whatever pain we must endure.

Merry Christmas!

Matthew, Kimberly, and the girls

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