Younger Women and Motherhood

For years the trend has been for women to wait longer to have children. That era may be coming to a close. Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday on a new study from the National Center for Health Statistics. It reports the first decline in the average age of first-time mothers since data have been recorded. Highlighting this trend is twenty-two-year-old Candace Parker, last year’s MVP and Rookie of the Year in the WNBA, who announced last month that she and her husband are expecting. Shellenbarger reports:

Ms. Parker’s parents were in their 30s when she was born, and “I kind of missed out” on shooting hoops with her dad and other shared play, she says. She wants her children to have the benefit of young parents.

The whole article is available online.

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One Response to Younger Women and Motherhood

  1. Becca says:

    “More young women today just assume they’ll have both a career and a family, and on their own timetable…”That’s a familiar sentiment to a lot of my classmates from law school. I distinctly remember, though, when an obviously successful woman spoke during a litigation clinic and told us girls how we could “have it all” like she did–work hard for a few years out to get the position you want, take a week off to have a baby, put the child in daycare, and hire two nannies so you can still work around the clock. I watched all my friends’ faces fall. That’s not really what they had in mind…

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