Mahaney on Phelps

Once again, C. J. Mahaney offers tremendous, gospel-driven insight on the world of sports. As he did with his article on Bill Belichick after the Patriots lost last year’s Super Bowl, C. J. now addresses the sad revelation of uber-Olympian Michael Phelps and his apparent drug use.

Here’s a taste of what he wrote:

This is what I find so striking: A man whose chest has been covered with gold medals, has achieved international fame, showered with awards, and blessed with an incomprehensible amount of money, still feels compelled to press his face to a bong.

Mahaney’s conclusions will lead you to humility–and the cross.

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2 Responses to Mahaney on Phelps

  1. To Steve,Thanks for your comment. I am well aware that there are websites and blogs from people who have left Sovereign Grace for one reason or another. I am not interested, however, in my blog becoming a place where readers can find direct links to the real or alleged dirty laundry of God’s people. This, I think, is one of the great abuses of the internet. While I appreciate the spirit in which you posted your comment, I have nevertheless rejected it.Though I have never met C.J. and am not a part of Sovereign Grace, I recognize that he is not perfect. After all, men at their best are but men at best. But God has graciously used fallen people to show something of his glory, and I intend to help other fallen people find the same grace I’m finding through other fallen people. However imperfectly, I hope my blog will serve you in this way.Grace and peace to you,Matthew

  2. Michael G. says:

    I failed to find “tremendous, gospel-driven insight” in the article. CJ wrote, “What emptiness in his soul was he trying to satisfy?” Do you really believe that Phelps was trying to satisfy the emptiness in his soul? What if he would have grabbed a beer, would that qualify for another attempt at satisfying that “emptiness”, or is it because pot is illegal? I challenge you to read the article again, but this time read it as written by someone other than CJ. I predict you will come to a different conclusion.What I find interesting in his article is that CJ thought that Phelps would live like a Christian after he became rich and famous. He found it “so striking” that Phelps would do what he did after he became a celebrity. I don’t find it striking at all.

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