Dispatches from the Front

A couple of months ago, our congregation had the privilege of seeing the premiere of Dispatches from the Front: Islands on the Edge. Since Abraham Piper is giving away five free copies this week, I thought I’d put in a plug.

Produced by Frontline Missions, Islands on the Edge is the first of a series of DVDs that show believers in the West how the gospel is advancing in closed nations. Frontline’s director is a member of our church who is passionate about partnering with believers in nations where there is little gospel witness. The Dispatches series is one way that Frontline hopes to spread awareness of the awfulness of sin and the grace of God in these places. Each episode is a kind of video journal that documents the director’s travels. It serves as a powerful motivation to pray for these nations and gives great cause to rejoice in the power of the gospel.

After watching the trailer, you can order a copy of Islands on the Edge. Or you can try to win a free copy from Abraham.

UPDATE: Frontline Missions has asked Brannon McAllister to join them on a trip to Albania to help produce the next Dispatches from the Front DVD. You can send financial support to Emmanuel Bible Church.

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