New Hymnal and a Free Download

My mentor and friend, Fred Coleman, has edited a new hymnal, Hymns: Modern and Ancient, that will be available soon, hopefully by the end of the year. From the announcement:

These 106 songs from both present day and past hymn writers have been arranged in four-part harmony for local church, congregational singing. This songbook is intended to be a supplement to traditional hymnals. Our hope is that God will use these songs to edify and revive local church worship through congregational singing.

Selections include songs from the Gettys (e.g., “In Christ Alone,” “Across the Lands,” “The Power of the Cross”), the team from Sovereign Grace (e.g., “A Debtor to Mercy Alone,” “Grace Unmeasured,” “All I Have is Christ,”), D. A. Carson (e.g.,”Shout with Delight,” “To the Praise of His Glorious Grace,”) and Chris Anderson (e.g., “My Jesus Fair,” “For the Sake of His Name,” “His Robes for Mine”). You can view the full list of songs here. I’ll post when it is available for purchase.

Speaking of Chris Anderson, Stonebriar Community Church recently put together a beautiful arrangement of “I Run to Christ” for congregation and orchestra. You can download the free mp3 here.



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  1. uche okafor says:

    i like hymn songs

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