Mere Christianity

Last week I finished reading C. S. Lewis’ classic Mere Christianity for the first time. I had read Christian Behaviour (which is Book III of the former), but the rest was new to me. I suspect there are others who, as I had, have this book on their shelves but simply haven’t gotten around to reading it. So over the next few days I’ll post some excerpts of the work. Maybe it’ll whet your appetite enough to dust it off and dive in.

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2 Responses to Mere Christianity

  1. Scott Buchanan says:

    Love that book. One of my favorites.

  2. David Miller says:

    I thank the Lord for this incredible book. As I’ve read Lewis over the years I’m continually amazed at his insights regarding the heart of man and the heart of God. His writings include a vast amount of subjects but Mere Christianity clarifies the plans of God and the choices of mankind through logic like no other book I know.
    Some of Lewis’ positions unsettle some people-inerrancy of Scripture, passages supporting a sort of theistic evolution, regarding some OT stories as legend, etc. BUT
    if one reads his books chronologically from when he was first converted you see a gradual progression in his writings revealing a growing Bible-only position. Couple this with his background of the humanistic high scholastic worlds of Oxford and Cambridge and the legends-laced Anglican church his perspectives and struggles are understandable. He frequently says he’s not a theologian but he sure did nail the important thing-the relationship of God and mankind.

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