The Thermopylae of Christendom

C. H. Spurgeon, as recorded in Lectures to My Students: Second Series (London: Passmore and Alabaster, 1877), page 146:

The pulpit is the Thermopylae of Christendom: there the fight will be lost or won.

To us ministers the maintenance of our power in the pulpit should be our great concern, we must occupy that spiritual watch-tower with our hearts and minds awake and in full vigor. It will not avail us to be laborious pastors if we are not earnest preachers.

We shall be forgiven a great many sins in the matter of pastoral visitation if the people’s souls are really fed on the Sabbath-day; but fed they must be, and nothing else will make up for it.

The failures of most ministers who drift down the stream may be traced to inefficiency in the pulpit. The chief business of a captain is to know how to handle his vessel, nothing can compensate for deficiency there, and so our pulpits must be our main care, or all will go awry.

HT: Tony Reinke


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2 Responses to The Thermopylae of Christendom

  1. graceisflowing says:

    I think I know what he is saying and have an appreciation for it, however, I don’t think it is an either/or situation. I think what happens on “pastoral visitation” gives unction and focus for the pulpit on Sunday. I also think many, many pastors use that very excuse to not do the hard stuff of disciple-making that a shepherd must do because he wants to “feed” his people. So, they stow themselves away and think that they will do it all in the pulpit on Sunday, but their style or gifts do lend to good communication so in reality, it is not happening in the pulpit either. Consequently, we have weak people who are not shepherded. You know me, I am inclined to plead that earnest shepherding be done as well as earnest preaching!
    Praying for you bro! Grace to you today!

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