You are the LORD

Fred and Ruth Coleman recently revised the arrangement of my hymn “You are the LORD” for publication in their new hymnal. Their touches strengthen the song, from a punctuating rest in the penultimate measure to far-more-interesting harmonic lines throughout. I love and am grateful for what they’ve done.

Fred asked me for a tune name, so I chose HERITAGE in gratitude for the church of which my family was a part for the last decade. It was there that the theme of the song–the greatness of God displayed through his redemptive work across the sweep of history–became the theme of our hearts, particularly through the ministry of our pastor, Dan Brooks.

I’ve uploaded a pdf of “You are the LORD” to the Songs page of my blog, or you can download it here. If it serves you or your church, please feel free to use it.


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4 Responses to You are the LORD

  1. Dustin B. says:

    Deanna Gardner just sang it this past Sunday at Heritage. Thanks for being a blessing to us through your writing.

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  3. Rich Penix says:

    Is there a recording of “You are the LORD” anywhere?

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