Sunday at First Baptist NYC: Tim Keesee and Dispatches from the Front

This Sunday our church has the joyful prospect of hosting Tim Keesee and his family. Tim is the Director of Frontline Missions and Producer of the Dispatches from the Front DVD series.

Here’s a summary of Frontline’s core commitment:

Our key objective is to advance the Gospel and form vibrant, Word-centered, disciple-making churches, especially in those regions of the world that have the least Light. We are driven by the same desire that animated the Apostle Paul who said it was always his ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known (Romans 15:20). How do we pursue our goal? We do so by equipping Christians on the frontlines to reach their own people for Christ, by forming strategic partnerships with them, and by developing creative platforms in those areas of the world closed to traditional missions.

Tim will preach during the corporate worship service (11:00 a.m.). After the service, the congregation will have the opportunity to view the latest installment of Dispatches from the Front. Here’s the trailer:

If you are in the city this weekend, we invite you to join us as we worship our great God as we catch a glimpse of what he’s doing around the world.

Related: In the adult Bible class (Haldeman Chapel, 9:30 a.m.) we will continue our study of our theological vision for ministry. The New Members Class will meet as well (Gano Chapel, 9:45 a.m.).

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One Response to Sunday at First Baptist NYC: Tim Keesee and Dispatches from the Front

  1. This looks amazing. Never heard of Dispatches from the Front. Going to check it out. We’re looking for a new missionary family, maybe two… always good to know where money is needed and people are doing the work of God’s Kingdom.

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