My Tattoos

I guess I’m the token Asian guy with tattoos, though I can’t display mine as readily as this guy does (at 0:42). Nonetheless, the following comic made me smile.


My dad was a bit surprised when I told him I have three tattoos. He was a bit relieved when he found out how I got them.


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2 Responses to My Tattoos

  1. Kimberly Hoskinson says:

    Ha ha! Love it! Love you! 🙂

  2. Eric W says:

    Actually, he doesn’t refer to himself as a “token Asian guy,” just as a “young hip guy” – and what kind of a “past” did he have that involved getting a tattoo in Hebrew?! Anyway, very funny video. Regarding the video – Just to keep us all a little humble, no matter what the worship style, I was at a service a few weeks ago where the speaker said the following: “We sing “Blessed Assurance” because it’s a great old hymn of the faith. Over a hundred years ago, they sang “Blessed Assurance” here because Fanny Crosby was a member of the congregation, and it was her new hit single!” So I guess “contemporary” and “traditional” can be somewhat relative terms.

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