Sermon Recap: August 14, 2011

Christ, the Truth Who Sets Us Free

John 8.30–47

  1. Christ offers us freedom (30–32)
    • A single test (31a)
    • A triple blessing (31b–32)
  2. Christ exposes our condition (33–47)
    • Our slavery (33–36)
    • Our deception (37–41a)
    • Our likeness (41b–44)
    • Our hopelessness (43, 45–47)
  3. Christ transforms our existence
    • As the Sinless One he speaks truth that cuts through our fantasy world (46)
      • Response: repent of your fantasy world.
    • As the True Son of God he sets us free to live in the truth (36)
      • Response: continue in his word.
    • As the True Seed of Abraham he includes us in the blessing (Gal 3.6–9, 16)
      • Response: rest your life on him.
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One Response to Sermon Recap: August 14, 2011

  1. Sue Nash says:

    I will be at church the 21. getting back to Manhattan Sat. for 10 days. looking forward to being there. Hope you had a great time at Captain perrys . My fav. place in Daytona. Sue Nash

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