What about Singles?

Last Sunday’s sermon emphasized the importance of children’s discipleship. God calls parents to the primary responsibility of bringing their children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. And he calls the church to take part in the process by assisting parents in that responsibility. Our congregation plans a relaunch of children’s discipleship in less than two weeks.

But all this emphasis on children/families leaves a very important question to be addressed.

What about our singles?

Are singles second-class citizens in the church? Is a man or a woman less than fully human unless and until s/he marries? Is Christianity a faith for married people only?

Anyone who has read the Scriptures carefully knows the right answer to these questions. And yet they persist because believers (both married and single) often fail to apply the Scriptures rigorously to our individual, family, and/or congregational situations.

That’s why I’m glad to recommend a sermon to you from my friend, Brad Baugham. He serves as pastor of Emmanuel Bible Church in Mauldin, SC, and is currently preaching on the important topic, “Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Equal and Unique.” Last Sunday he offered five biblical affirmation regarding singleness in a sermon entitled “The God-Glorifying Design of Singleness.”

If you’re interested in thinking through this topic biblically, I highly recommend Brad’s message to you. You can download it here.


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