Naselli on Abiding in Christ

Our congregation’s study through John brought us to John 15 this past Sunday. As we saw in the message, the passage includes many challenging elements, not the least of which is the meaning of the central imperative, Abide in Me and I in you (v. 4).

My friend, Andy Naselli, wrote his (first!) dissertation on the topic of Keswick Theology. It includes a very helpful section that explains John 15.1–11. I first read it five or six years ago. It was so illuminating that I kept a copy for future reference–and was glad I did while preparing for Sunday’s message!

I received permission to post this excerpt from his dissertation for your consideration and study. I hope it serves you as well as it has served me.

Andy’s dissertation has been published under the title, Let Go and Let God? A Survey and Analysis of Keswick Theology. It is available exclusively as an e-book through Logos Bible Software. You’ll be happy to know that the core software (Windows | Mac) and its corresponding apps (iPhone | iPad | Android) are free. The book itself costs $24.95. It is a great study and worth your investment.


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