Battling Sin in 2012

Four weapons with which to battle sin from John Bunyan (From The Pilgrim’s Progress, ch. 15):

PRUDENCE: Do you not still carry with you in your mind some recollection of the things that you were formerly involved with?

CHRISTIAN: Yes, but greatly against my will, and especially those inward and carnal reasonings which all of my countrymen, as well as myself, were delighted to revel in. But now all those things only grieve me; and should I be able to choose only what I think, I would choose never the think of those carnal things anymore. But when I would be doing that which is best, still that which is worse remains with me.

PRUDENCE: Do you not sometimes find that personal carnality is vanquished when at other times it was of great trouble to you?

CHRISTIAN: Yes, but those times of conquest over carnality are infrequent, though when they do occur such hours are truly golden.

PRUDENCE: When you experience these precious times in which carnal annoyances are vanquished, can you remember by what means these triumphs were obtained?

CHRISTIAN: Yes, when I meditate upon what I saw at the Cross [Isa 53.5–6], that will do it;

and when I look at my embroidered coat [i.e., his justified standing, Zech 3.1–5], that will do it;

also when I look inside the scroll that I carry in my chest pocket [i.e., the presence of the Spirit, Eph 1.13], that will do it;

and when my thoughts are warmly stimulated about where I am going [Jn 14.1–3], that will do it.

In this new year, may redemption accomplished (the cross), applied (justification), enjoyed (the Spirit), and anticipated (glory) bring us great joy in following our Savior for his eternal fame.


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One Response to Battling Sin in 2012

  1. Andrew Henderson says:

    Truly needed that encouragement. Thanks for posting it.

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