“NYC Churches Shuttered, Pastors Arrested”

Tony Carnes, editor and publisher of A Journey through NYC Religions and a senior writer for Christianity Today, reported a little over an hour ago about a very troubling development that needs our prayer.

Here’s a summary.

Over the Christmas holidays, several local directors of facilities of the New York City Housing Authority notified religious groups, mostly Christian churches, that they could no longer rent community rooms and other facilities. NYCHA officials gave little or no warning of the change of policy and did most of their communicating with the religious groups through word of mouth or email. One church, Open Door Fellowship of East Harlem, was given notice on December 29th two days before their January renewal, leaving the pastor to a scramble to find space for their annual Baptism service.

Their sudden ouster with no hearing process about the change of policy left religious leaders angry. This morning they protested outside the NYC Department of Law at 100 Church Street. A Journey received a call describing the situation, “This is Pastor Devlin [of Manhattan Bible Church] in the back of a police van.  We’ve been arrested.  There are 7 arrested.”  Pastors Dimas Salaberrios of Infinity Church, Pastor Michael Carrion of Promiseland Covenant Church, City Councilman Fernando Cabrera and three others were also arrested.

Our congregation has prayed for some of these men who have been arrested. I’m sure more details will become available, but we know enough now to begin praying for the advance of the gospel through this situation.

You can read the whole thing here.



Update: Here’s the story from the Wall Street Journal, NBC New York, Norwood News.

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One Response to “NYC Churches Shuttered, Pastors Arrested”

  1. M Sosa says:

    No matter what, My GOD is in control!!!!
    “Y luego Preguntan porque pasan tantas cosas desagradables en esta ciudad; y es porque han sacado a DIOS de ella.”
    God bless you!!

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