Trusting God by Jerry Bridges — for free!

God in his love always wills what is best for us. In his wisdom he always knows what is best, and in his sovereignty he has the power to bring it about.

A Bible study leader made our group memorize this statement from Jerry Bridges’ excellent book, Trusting God, over twelve years ago. I am grateful he did, because the Lord has brought these words to mind at critical moments so that my faith would remain firm in him.

Now, this great resource is available for free.

ChristianAudio is giving away their audio version of Trusting God during the month of February. Bridges unpacks the Scriptures as they relate to those three attributes of God–his love, his sovereignty, and his wisdom–and skillfully applies them to our day-to-day lives, even (as the subtitle says) “when life hurts.”

I had already decided to read through Trusting God with our congregation’s lay leaders this year, and was thrilled to learn that the audio version is being offered for free.

There is a discussion guide that goes along with the book. It is as in-depth a biblical workbook as I’ve used. Each chapter in the book has a corresponding study section that focuses on key Scriptures, both in meaning and in application. Each study takes a good forty-five minutes to an hour, but it is certainly worth it.


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