Resources for Holy Week

Looking for some ways to spark your meditations on Christ this week? Here are a few of my favorite resources on the cross.

Books (from easier to harder)

C. J. Mahaney, Living the Cross-Centered Life.

A combination of two earlier works by Mahaney: The Cross-Centered Life and Christ Our Mediator. Helpful, brief chapters that explicate the gospel in simple terms. A quick read, but will stimulate your understanding of and gratitude for the cross. Amazon | Kindle | WTS

J. I. Packer and Mark Dever, In My Place Condemned He Stood

A collection of articles on the cross by these two gifted scholars. Under 200 pages. Some essays more challenging than others. Biblically faithful studies on the atonement. Amazon | Kindle | WTS

John Stott, The Cross of Christ

One of the top five books I’ve read. An unusual combination: stimulates both the intellect and the affections. If you start today, you probably won’t finish by Resurrection Day, but when you do, you’ll be glad you did. Amazon | WTS



George Frederick Handel, Messiah

Almost goes without saying. Almost. Amazon

Bob Kauflin, Together for the Gospel Live

One of my family’s favorite Sunday morning CDs. Merely a recording of a few thousand men singing classic hymns. Difficult merely to listen to this one; you’ll find yourself singing along. Amazon | iTunes

Chris Anderson

OK, so this isn’t a CD, but Chris has written some phenomenal songs about the cross. You’ll find them at ChurchWorks Media. All the lead sheets are freely downloadable. Not all songs have a companion mp3. Yet. ChurchWorks


Sovereign Grace, Songs for the Cross Centered Life

A companion to the Mahaney book mentioned above. Simply a go-to CD when I need to rehearse the gospel to myself. Another CD that I regularly find myself singing along with–even yesterday at the gym. Amazon | iTunes

Keith and Kristyn Getty, In Christ Alone

I still can’t believe the sheer volume of great songs on this single CD. It’s like Thriller for Christians: one hit after another. And for good reason. The songs are theologically rich, beautifully performed, and congregationally singable. Amazon | iTunes

Matthew Smith, All I Owe

Like the rest of Indelible Grace, Smith specializes in setting old texts to new tunes. There are some familiar ones here (“Come Thou Fount,” “Nothing But the Blood”). My favorites, though, are the formerly-out-of-use lyrics set to singable music, e.g., Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s “All I Owe” and Josiah Condor’s “My Lord, I Did Not Choose Thee.” Amazon | iTunes


Shai Linne, The Atonement

CD follows the logic of the atonement: our fall in Adam, the coming of Christ, his substitutionary suffering, his resurrection, and his saving work. My favorites: “Were You There,” “The Cross (3 Hours),” and “Jesus is Alive.” Amazon | iTunes

Curtis “Voice” Allen, The Process of the Pardon

An amazingly long CD that similarly follows the logic of the atonement. Among my favorites are “Kingdom Come” and “Assurance.” Sovereign Grace

May your reflection on the cross produce (in the words of John Newton) “pleasing grief and mournful joy” as you contemplate the gravity of your sin and the greatness of divine love.

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