He Ground the Stones to Powder

Stephen Charnock on Colossians 2.14 (He canceled the record of debt that stood against us. This he set aside, nailing it to his cross.):

Our Savior died by the power and force of the moral law;

that brought him to the cross,

for the fulfilling it in its penalty,

as well as he had done in his life by his obedience;

and he

receiving the full execution of its sentence

upon himself on the cross,

as a substitute in our place,

nullified that sentence

as to any force upon those that believe in him.

The plea against it is, that it hath already been executed,

though not upon our persons,

yet upon our Surety;

so that being nailed to his cross,

the virtue of his cross must cease

before the killing power of the law can revive.

This crucified Christ . . .

disarmed the law of its thunders,

defaced the obligation of it as a covenant,

and, as it were, ground the stones upon which it was written to powder.

From Christ Crucified (pp. 21–22). Formatting and minor edits added.

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