God Must Be Unjust If . . .

Stephen Charnock on mercy and justice for the believer:

The flood-gates of mercy are opened,

and the fire of justice confined in its flames;

the flames of the one centre in Christ,

that the streams of the other might flow down to us;

rivers of mercy quench not the flames of justice,

nor the flames of justice suck up the rivers of mercy.

As the sacrificing Christ is a vengeance against sin,

it is an act of justice;

as it is a means of remission of the sins of those for whom he was sacrificed,

it is an act of mercy.

God is just in being merciful

and merciful in being just;

so that we may well cry aloud with the psalmist,

“Gracious is the Lord, and righteous,” Psalm cxvi. 5. . . .

God must be unjust

if he be not merciful to a believer.

Since our High Priest hath been faithful to God,

God will not be unfaithful to him,

or those for whom he offered up himself.

Happy must he be that hath

mercy supplicating and

justice itself pleading for him.

From Christ Crucified (pp. 120–21). Formatting and minor edits added.

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