Three weeks ago my wife and I were blessed with our fifth child, and we became a family of seven living in Manhattan. Talk about counter-cultural! We have laughed many times at the overflowing (and sometimes overwhelming) blessing of God on our lives.

But this is no laughing matter. In 2009, of all the pregnancies in my zip code (10035), fifty-two percent ended in an abortion. In other words, our sweet little boy had a better chance of dying in the womb than of seeing the light of day.

And our neighborhood isn’t extraordinary. It’s not even the worst. The next time you fly into JFK, consider that almost sixty percent of the pregnancies there will be voluntarily terminated.



Gut-wrenchingly sad.

Sad not only for the unborn children who were never given a chance. Sad also for those mothers-to-be who felt they could make no other choice. Sad for those dads who thought their sexual sin had no consequence. And sad for our neighborhood which will miss the blessing of these little ones occupying our parks, studying in our schools, attending our churches.

The answer to this societal evil, however, is not increased awareness or political involvement or legislative action. Those things are fine, but they are not ultimate. The answer is a hope–a true, rich, all-satisfying hope–that will drive out the brokenness and despair that produces such statistics. The answer, in short, is the gospel. Christ’s resurrection vindicates his person and work and proves that he is the One, the only One, who has the power to reverse our brokenness and the curse it justly deserves.

God, make us faithful to minister the gospel in word and deed to the broken, despairing people around us, for the joy of our community and the glory of our Savior.


Study the data for yourself here.

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3 Responses to 52%

  1. yolandaderstine says:

    I was astounded to hear this past week that in Hungary 1 in 3 children are aborted. So sad.

  2. thank you as a adoptive mother to an abortion survivor thank you for your awareness and sharing.!

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