Job Openings with Gospel Opportunities in NYC

Looking for a way to apply David Platt’s sermon Wednesday night at Together for the Gospel? One that you could begin before the year ends? One that wouldn’t require a passport?

How about teaching in the NYC public school system?

The NYC Department of Education has a program called NYC Teaching Fellows that gives college graduates without education degrees an opportunity to teach in the school system while working on their credentials. Its purpose, as stated on its website:

The NYC Teaching Fellows program recruits and prepares high-quality, dedicated individuals to become teachers who raise student achievement in the New York City classrooms that need them most.

The DoE is looking for people who have

  • Commitment to raising the academic achievement  of children in high-poverty communities and/ or children with special needs;
  • Success in past endeavors;
  • Perseverance in the face of challenges;
  • Ability to think critically and analytically;
  • Desire to grow professionally and seek out new opportunities to learn; and
  • Integrity and clarity in all communications and interactions.

If that describes you and you’re looking for a way to get into the city for gospel purposes, this might be the door you’re looking for. A friend of mine recently applied and has an interview scheduled soon. It looks like their applications for the June training has closed, but you can still apply if you’re interested.


Wait, you say. Platt’s message talked about going where there is no gospel witness. Point granted. I know that he (rightly!) stressed the two billion people in the world who have no access to the gospel. At all. And I know that the eight-and-a-half million residents of New York City are not part of that two billion.

But it’s still eight-and-a-half million people. And only three percent of Manhattan residents attend any kind of evangelical church (whose definition, I do not know).

So I certainly do not want to discourage anyone who wants to go to Yemen for the gospel. But if you’re going to stick around the U.S., how about coming to our nation’s largest city? And if you want to reach Yemenis, why not move to NYC and reach them here first? Learn the language, learn the culture, serve in a local church, be assessed by Yemeni Christians (maybe they’ll say you’re not a good fit)–and then go.

After all, the church David Platt pastors is launching a church plant in Queens.

Maybe you should join their team. Maybe you should contact their lead pastor. Maybe you should apply for the NYC Teaching Fellows program.


If you didn’t hear Platt’s message, you can watch it below. Well worth the hour.

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