He Obliges Himself to Give Eternal Life

Stephen Charnock on the stench of our sin and the power of Christ’s blood:

There is not a service we offer,

but hath something mixed with it

contrary to the holiness of God;

yet the evil fumes that steam up with our sacrifices of duty

are overpowered by the rich perfume

of the sacrifice of the Son of God:


when for the foulness of our imperfections

we deserve a repulse,

yet for the sweetness of his sacrifice

we find an acceptance;

so much

did the merit of his blood overcome

the ill scent of our iniquities in the nostrils of God,

that he cancels our bonds,

which were due to him,

and makes new ones of himself to Christ;

he frees the creature from the deserved punishment,

and obliges himself to give eternal life

to every one that believes in him thus sacrificed,

howsoever noisome his sins

wherewith he had affronted Heaven before.

From Christ Crucified, pp. 173-4. Formatting and minor revisions added.

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