Grounds for Confidence that Your Worship Will Be Accepted

Stephen Charnock on divine satisfaction:

The satisfaction God hath in the value of [Christ]’s offering

cannot give forth itself in fuller expressions

than in our salvation by the virtue of it,

every thing formidable and burdensome being removed,

every thing great and glorious bestowed,

justice with all its vengeance appeased,

the law with all its retinue of curses silenced,

sin with all its demerits expiated,

the covenant with all its benefits ratified,

peace with all its blessings restored,

the Spirit with all its treasures bestowed;

our services purified from their filth,

our consciences pacified from their fears,

whatsoever is grievous abrogated,

the veil of the temple,

with all the heavy weight of ceremonies

rent in twain;

hell quenched, and heaven prepared and furnished

for all who imitate God

in his valuation of this sacrifice.

From Christ Crucified, pp. 201-2. Formatting and minor revisions added.

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