Is “Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves” a New Idea?

Indulge me in one last quotation from Stephen Charnock. There were actually a couple of great quotations in answer to this question, but I’ll post only this one:

Let us

re-present to ourselves this crucified but now crowned victim,

lying in the bosom of his Father,

re-present to ourselves the Father full of delights,

rejoicing in the views of this sacrificed body,

drawing a perpetual stream of pleasure and sweet smells

from the fumes of this sacrifice

rising up continually before him.

May not this calm our fears,

since it smooths the frowns of Divine justice?

Did the people shout when the ark returned,

and shall our hearts be full of fears,

when our sacrifice is returned to heaven

and hath found a gracious reception

from that justice we had so highly provoked?

A disconsolate carriage in a holy believer implies

that God had rejected it as common and weak,

rather than received it as perfect and glorious.

A heavy walking is a disparagement to the greatness of the sacrifice,

and the wisdom and judgment of the God who accepted it.

Consider the implications of daily re-presenting Christ crucified to our hearts: dissipation of fear, hearts that shout for joy, strength and courage to walk in hope because of our great High Priest. May his life, death, and resurrection dominate our thoughts today.

From Christ Crucified, 238-9. Formatting and minor revisions added.

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