Swagger Wagon

This past weekend my family bought what I never thought we’d own: a minivan. Having a fifth child finally pushed us over the edge. Our old Dodge Durango could hold this family of seven, but not much else. And so on Saturday we’re drove our new-to-us Toyota Sienna, complete with a DVD player and a spoiler (the latter apparently included to deceive its middle-aged, male owner that it has a measure of coolness), back to our home in Harlem.

Paradoxes abound.

Anyway, our purchase has brought out the best in our friends, who have shared some great videos to mark our family’s transition. I hadn’t seen this one before, but it’s great. Favorite part: the tea party. (HT: Karis)

Here’s another great one. Favorite part: a whole new world. (HT: Brent)

On a more serious note, here’s an amazing time lapse video set to an Andrew Peterson song. Favorite part: the whole thing. (HT: Sam)

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One Response to Swagger Wagon

  1. Evan says:

    Good fun!

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