Praying Strategically for the Nations

Our friends at Frontline Missions continue to produce high-quality, low-cost, easily-accessible resources to spread among Western Christians an awareness of the need for global evangelism.

First came the highly-acclaimed series of DVDs, Dispatches from the Front. These hour-long documentaries focuses our attention on the advance of the gospel in Southeast Asia, the Balkan Peninsula, West Africa, India, and Ethiopia/South Sudan. If you haven’t seen these, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to see the power of the gospel at work through ordinary yet courageous Christians. The most recent of these is particularly powerful. Our church plans to watch it together later this year.

Now Frontline has produced a simple way to pray for the spread of Christ’s fame among thirty-one of the gospel-hungriest nations. The free pdf includes a map of the 10/40 window identifying thirty-one countries with some key data about which to pray. All we need to do is pray for the one corresponding to today’s date (e.g., since today is April 25, we would pray for Vietnam). You can certainly find other tools that give much more information (most notably Operation World), but this single-page map gives a quick, easy, and focused way to pray.

Download it today. And let us pray.

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