My First Book Set to Become My First E-Book

Two years have passed since BJU Press published my first book, Assurance of Salvation: Implications of a New Testament Theology of Hope. I’m very grateful to announce that my publisher recently worked out a deal to make it available through Logos Bible Software, the premier program for Christian ebooks. I didn’t know it was in the works until I got the announcement from Logos. A pleasant surprise indeed!

Assurance of Salvation is an analysis of contemporary opinions on the matter of Christian assurance. I identify three perspectives common among evangelicals: that one may enjoy assurance of present salvation but not of future salvation, that one’s assurance is rooted in a moment-of-time decision to believe, and that one’s assurance is rooted in the objective promises of God in Christ and evidenced by one’s perseverance in the faith. The standard for measuring these views is what the New Testament teaches about hope. The study reaches back to the life of Abraham (Rom 4, Heb 6) and then systematically works through the major sections of the NT.


Now you can preorder an electronic version of Assurance of Salvation through Logos. It is currently bundled with three other books, so you have to preorder the package of four. (I had to chuckle when a friend of mine called the bundle “The Other BJU Press Catch-All Collection,” wondering out loud, “I’m not sure what Matt Hoskinson’s dissertation on assurance has to do with Fred Moritz on separation. Maybe I’m missing something.”) But if/when it clears the preorder stage, you’ll likely be able to purchase any one of the books separately.

You need not own the desktop version of Logos to benefit from this deal. Logos has free apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. And you can read your Logos purchases online at So if you can read this blog post, you can read a Logos ebook. Best of all: the new versions of the mobile apps allow for syncing highlights and notes across platforms.

[If you want to study the Bible deeply, however, you should seriously consider purchasing the desktop version. Logos is a tremendous tool that I use at least every other day. Here are some reviews: Andy Naselli, Keith Mathison, Tim Challies.]

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One Response to My First Book Set to Become My First E-Book

  1. Kendall Harris says:

    Thanks for announcing this Matt. I look forward to owning this on Logos!

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