Tegu Toys

How does the gospel transform our public life, particularly our vocation?

That was the subject of a panel discussion last week during Saturate, a regional Acts29 conference hosted by our friends of Apostles Church NYC. The hour-long conversation offered much food for thought. But one immediate takeaway came through a fellow named Will Haughey.

Will used to work on Wall Street. He and his brother Chris began dreaming of ways that they could take their entrepreneurial skills and use it for good. After much research, thinking, consultation, and prayer, they launched Tegu Toys.

Tegu is an abbreviated form of Tegucigalpa, a region in Honduras, the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The brothers wondered, “Could we create a for-profit company based in Honduras that would foster a positive social impact through its business?” Using the beautiful hardwoods of the country and the labor of Hondurans, Tegu builds magnetic wooden blocks to spark creativity and imagination in children everywhere.

Although their profit margins are thinner than most other toy manufacturers, Tegu Toys is beginning to take root. With positive press from the likes of Oprah Magazine, Scholastic, and the Today Show, customers are starting to take notice.

What impressed me about Will is how the gospel affects the way he thinks about business. Rather than fixating merely on increased profitability, he and his brother are thinking through how they can use their considerable business acumen as a means of demonstrating love for neighbor. Tegu is a great example of the gospel transforming our vision for public life.

So take a look around Tegu’s website. And buy something for your kids or some children you know. You’ll not only get a great product, but you’ll support a worthy cause.

And in case you’re wondering, I did not and will not receive anything in exchange for this post. Just wanted to raise awareness.

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