Preaching on Homosexuality

Dave Crabb, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Lapeer, MI, offers helpful remarks for those who will be addressing homosexuality in their churches this Sunday:

If we’re honest, we have to admit that much of this association [between “Christian” and “homophobic”] is well-deserved. So much of our preaching has lacked nuance at best, and been spiteful or arrogant at worst. I’ve personally been present in ‘sermons’ where homosexuals were openly mocked by imitating speech patterns, vocal inflections, and physical expressions. I’ve heard preaching that simply railed on homosexuality as a sin, without ever putting it—as a sin—into the context of a broader theology of fallenness, estrangement from God, the cross, forgiveness, and grace through Christ. Much preaching against homosexuality has been moralistic, political, and gospel-less.

And the part that is most heart-breaking is that this crushes people. This sort of preaching is heard by a 15 year old who has just realized his same-sex attraction and whose candle of faith is flickering in the awful wind of fear and dismay. This sort of preaching is heard by a young man with same-sex attraction who is tired of the struggle, the hypocrisy, the loneliness, and wonders if the struggle is even worth it. This sort of preaching is heard by a man with a wife and children who has struggled with same-sex attraction his entire life and as a result of the Spirit’s work is only now finally near seeking pastoral help.

So brothers, by all means preach the Word. Be faithful out of season. Courageously exalt God’s design for marriage as a heterosexual, complementary covenant. Call for repentance from sin. But remember a bruised reed our Savior will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not quench (Isa. 42:3).

Read the whole thing here.

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