Five Book Deals

This month’s free audio book from is Ken Sande’s Resolving Everyday Conflict. Sande is the president of Peacemaker Ministries and the author of many helpful resources on Christian conflict-resolution. His goal is not merely placid horizontal relationships but the display of God’s glory in the everyday interaction among Christians. Listen to this free book to acquaint yourself with him, then check out these other resources: his seminal work, The Peacemaker (Amazon | Kindle | WTS); Peacemaking for Families (Amazon | WTS); The Young Peacemaker (WTS).

The free-book-of-the-month from Logos Bible Software is The Godhood of God by A. W. Pink. From Logos:

Pink explains this title as follows: “The Godhood of God! What is meant by the expression? This: the omnipotency of God, the absolute sovereignty of God. When we speak of the Godhood of God we affirm that God is God. We affirm that God is something more than an empty title: that God is something more than a mere figure-head: that God is something more than a far-distant Spectator, looking helplessly on at the suffering which sin has wrought. When we speak of the Godhood of God we affirm that He is ‘King of kings and Lord of lords.’ “

Download it here. You can read it on your iPhone/iPad, Android phone, Logos software for your Mac or PC, or at

Amazon is offering the Kindle version of Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea for Preaching for just $0.99. The book is a collection of essays from an array of exceptional pastors: James Montgomery Boice, John Piper, Sinclair Ferguson, R. C. Sproul, John MacArthur, and more. Even if you’re not in or heading for vocational ministry, this book will serve you as you contemplate the responsibility shepherds have with respect to the flock of Christ.

You can also download a 99-cent copy of John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. Originally written to explain the Protestant position to the king of France, Institutes became the most important work from the first generation of Reformers. This edition is the 1845 Henry Beveridge translation of Calvin’s 1559 edition. The newer version that is edited by John T. McNeill and translated by Ford Lewis Battles is superior to this edition, but it is much more expensive ($48 for the Google eBook, $80 for a new hardcover). Since most of us will not be Calvin scholars, the Beveridge translation is probably just fine, especially at that price.

Two G. K. Chesterton novels are also available for Kindle at a very low price. You can purchase The Napoleon of Notting Hill and The Man Who Was Thursday for just $0.95 total.

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One Response to Five Book Deals

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey, fwiw, you can virtually all of Chesterton’s ebooks free from Amazon for kindle or e-reader, and you can also get Calvin’s institutes, this edition for free too.

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