Max McLean to Perform at BJU

Calling all Greenville friends!

Next year’s Artist Series at Bob Jones University includes Max McLean’s fabulous production of the C. S. Lewis work, The Screwtape Letters. This show played off Broadway to fantastic reviews.

  • The New York Times: “A humorous and lively stage adaptation. . . . The devil has rarely been given his due more perceptively and eruditely . . . clever and satirical . . . A large part of what makes it successful is the energetic performance by Max McLean as Screwtape.”
  • The Boston Globe: “Engrossing and entertaining . . . largely due to McLean’s silky, viperish performance as His Abysmal Sublimity Screwtape . . . loaded with alternately clever and ham-handed commentary on human foibles.”
  • The New Yorker: “A parable dipped in mordant irony . . . captures the droll humor with which Lewis constructed his topsy-turvy morality lesson. Cleverly imagined for the stage, it gives even nonbelievers an amusing primer of modern vice.”
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Be ye Christian or otherwise, get thee down to the Ohio Theatre today for an introduction to one of the wiliest literary devils ever invented. . . Letters have rarely been this scary, or entertaining, or profoundly informative!”

I first heard Max at the 2004 Ligonier Pastors Conference, during which he quoted about a third of Screwtape. At the time he was memorizing it in preparation for this production. The following year at the same conference, one session was devoted to his reading Paul’s letter to the Philippians. My dad and I simply savored the experience. It was as though the apostle himself were dictating the epistle.

Kimberly and I saw Screwtape while it was here. A fantastic, thought-provoking evening. Also a tremendous event to invite your non-Christian friends to. It will certainly stir some good gospel conversations.

If you live in upstate South Carolina, go get your tickets. Right now.

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