Summer Interns: Ministerial Growth

This is the fourth and final post. Here are part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Ministerial Growth

Head. This summer you’ll read three ecclesiological works.

  • Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert, What is the Mission of the Church? There’s a lot of talk today about what the church is and ought to be doing. DeYoung and Gilbert, two young pastors, help navigate through the sea of options and communicate a clear vision for the church from the Scriptures.
  • D. A. Carson, The Cross and Christian Ministry. First Corinthians lays out a cross-centered vision for pastoral ministry. Carson expounds on that theme throughout the book.
  • John Piper, The Supremacy of God in Preaching. The most public task of a pastor is his regular preaching ministry. That task is integrally connected with everything else in his life; if he simply flips on his God-switch when he enters the pulpit, he is the worst kind of hypocrite. The pastor’s life must be consumed with God. When it is, God’s supremacy will be evident in his preaching. When it isn’t, God’s supremacy will be noticeably absent.

Heart. See previous.

Hands. I want to expose you to as much city life and ministry as I can. First is not the only game in town; God has his people all over NYC and there is great diversity in approach to the church. I’d like you to visit a wide range of churches so that you can witness what is being done in the name of Christ and can learn from their example, both positively and negatively.

Each week I’d like the two of you to meet with different pastors and ministry leaders in the city so you can broaden your perspective on the church in New York.

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