Sermon Notes: July 8, 2012

Title: The Christ Who Demonstrates His Glory and Demands Your Trust: Reprise

Text: John 20.26–31

Structure: the gospel of John was written to elicit saving faith

1. Why saving faith is necessary

    • your life depends on it (20.31)
    • future life (11.25–26)
    • present life (3.16)

2. What saving faith is

    • not religion (2.6, et al.)
    • not ecstatic experience (2.23–25)
    • not a decision (3.16)
    • a persistent, growing confidence in Christ that produces a persistent, growing likeness to Christ (3.16, 36; ch. 11)

3. Who the object of saving faith is

    • the Creator (1.1)
    • the Incarnate (1.14)
    • the Crucified (chs. 19–20)
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