Ancient Answers for Modern Questions

Why am I encouraging our church to adopt The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement?

You read my answer here.

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7 Responses to Ancient Answers for Modern Questions

  1. thanks for the thoughts, matt. i was encouraged and challenged.
    press on! we keep you in prayer.


  2. Susan Young says:


    Are you having an announced and open meeting with your congregation to discuss and clearly outline the changes you would like to make?

    I recall your teaching in Sunday School on the New Testament model for leadership in the church which I found to follow scripture. Have your views changed on the role of men and women in leadership?

    Are you now embracing Roman Catholicism as compatible with Biblical Christianity? I believe at one time you understood a clear difference between the teaching of RC and the Bible. Has your understanding changed?

    These are the questions that come to mind. As always, an exhortation that like Paul, you not shun from declaring the whole counsel of God without adding or taking away from scripture. Acts 20:27-32, Galations 1:6-10


  3. Matt, I’d love to see the adapted statement you guys come up. Do you have a precursor you can share? I’m looking into that for our church and am interested in the baptism part.

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