9Marks Weekender Notebook

Sometimes you just need a little help.

Not more theologizing. Not more philosophizing about church ministry. Not another article written for an ideal (and mythical!) church situation. Just some sound, practical help. How do I translate my theology and philosophy of ministry into practical, usable tools for laypeople in a church?

In that light I was pleasantly surprised to find the 9Marks Weekender notebook freely available online this morning. In spite of a long desire to participate in a Weekender (info here), I have not yet attended. So to find the notebook available—for free!—is a blessing indeed.

Here is the table of contents for the 159-page notebook:

  1. Church documents
    • Church covenant
    • Statement of faith
    • Constitution
    • Budget
    • Membership Application
    • Membership Interview
    • CHBC Timeline
  2. Reforming documents
    • Reforming documents
    • Baptism of children at CHBC
    • Cleaning up the rolls
  3. Elders meeting (left empty in the download)
  4. Seminars
    • Children’s ministry
    • Core seminars
    • Small groups
    • Discipling
    • Internship program
    • Choosing elder
    • Displaying God’s glory
    • Church discipline
    • Discipling and biblical counseling
  5. Service planning
    • Sunday morning service
    • Sunday AM template
    • Sermon card
    • AM/PM grid
    • Sunday evening service/Sunday PM template
    • Lord’s supper/baptism
    • Service review
    • Service planning
  6. Membership matters
    • Session 1: What is our statement of faith?
    • Session 2: Church covenant
    • Session 3: Why join a church?
    • Session 4: What is the history of our church?
    • Session 5: Missions and outreach
    • Session 6: Our life as a church
  7. Sermon preparation and preaching
    • AM/PM grid
    • Mark Dever preaching schedule
    • OT/NT preaching rotation/depth and breadth of sermons
    • Application grid blank
    • Application grid sample
    • Sermon card
    • How prayer transforms prep

Yo won’t agree with everything in the notebook. But sometimes it’s nice to have something already on paper to work with, argue against, revise, rewrite, or adopt. Kudos to Capitol Hill Baptist Church and 9Marks for making this freely available.

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One Response to 9Marks Weekender Notebook

  1. DCH says:

    Matt, Any chance you’ve got these docs or better links? Thank you!

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