From a Pastor in Newtown

Sorrow-filled, hope-drenched words from a pastor whose church meets just three miles from Sandy Hook Elementary School:

But now—right now—we are dealing with the fact that this act was unspeakably evil. These murders show us the wickedness of man and the depravity of the heart. All of us have this capacity for evil in us—we don’t all commit this kind of heinous crime, but the reality of sin is ever present. And that realization is what then leads to the glory of the cross. There is a savior who bore the curse of the law that the wickedness in our hearts deserves. There is a savior who is greater than this act of malice. In that sense, the more wicked the sin, the more glorious the cross. Hence in the greatest of all tragedies—the murder of Jesus—God was working grace, with the goal that His grace would be known by us.

We’ve been praying for you, your congregation, and your community, Joey. May God have mercy on you all.

Read the rest here.

HT: @edsipe

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