“Lord Have Mercy” by Brady Toops

In conjunction with this year’s theme (Kyrie Eleison), our congregation is learning a new song, “Lord Have Mercy” by Brady Toops. We sang it for the first time this past Sunday, and I think it will serve us well.

You can download a free copy of the song (indeed, the whole album!) on NoiseTrade. Brady also has lead sheets available for all you guitarists (in G | A | Bb).

For our church I’ve altered the song considerably. (After consulting with some others, I concluded that we couldn’t pull off the “oh-oh-oh” refrain as a congregation—regrettably.) So I turned the bridge into a refrain and dropped the original chorus. And I set it in a higher key (D) to make it easier for congregational singing.

If you’d like to teach it to your church, you can download the score, either as originally written (though in the new key) or as altered for our congregation:

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3 Responses to “Lord Have Mercy” by Brady Toops

  1. bradytoops says:

    How’s the song worked for you guys in the revised version? I’d be interested to know. I always thought about writing a true chorus for it, but never crafted something that I felt strongly enough about to include. I definitely understand how the current refrain can be difficult from a corporate dimension. That’s always a bit of my struggle in song writing – the art vs. corporate-friendly. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Perry Howard says:

    Sweet! Thanks for the help. We’re going to use it for our worship this Sunday.

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