Season of Fasting and Prayer, Day 2

Yesterday our church began a four-day Season of Fasting and Prayer. If you were unable to be with us, you didn’t receive a prayer guide to use for prayer during meal times. I’ll post this in three parts over the next few days.

May God be pleased to hear our prayers.


Lord, Have Mercy on Us

Scriptures to pray

  • Lord, Have Mercy on Us: Psalm 84
  • Lord, Have Mercy on Your People: Ephesians 2.11–22
  • Lord, Have Mercy on This City: Jonah 4

We praise You for who You are

  • Your Triunity: Father, Son, Spirit
  • Your greatness: sovereign, majestic, infinite, all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present, unique
  • Your goodness: holiness, righteousness, justice, truth, goodness, faithfulness, mercy, love

We praise You for what You have done

  • You are the Creator of everything that is (Gen 1.1; Jn 1.3)
  • You are the King over all You have made, doing all Your good pleasure and accomplishing Your perfect will (Ps 115.3)
  • You are the Savior of Your people (Rev 5.9–10) who will redeem the whole creation from Your curse (Rom 8.18–25)

We admit our sins to You

  • Failing to love him with all that we are
    • Idolatry of pleasure, power, money
    • Esteeming his gifts as more valuable than the Giver
    • Using God as a means to an end
    • Failing to love our neighbor as ourselves
      • Unjust, unmerciful, unloving
      • Self-righteous, arrogant, proud
      • Using and abusing others to get ahead
      • Speaking when we should be silent, and vice versa

We lay your sins on Jesus as having confessed them perfectly over his perfect sacrifice for us (1Jn 1.7)

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One Response to Season of Fasting and Prayer, Day 2

  1. Kelly Bledsoe says:


    Thank you so much for sharing this!! My heart is so heavy for our country and for the Body of Christ in the US and around the world. We are in such great need of revival – a spiritual awakening that begins with believers. Our only hope is Jesus – nothing more and nothing less. Until our nation realizes this, we will continue to be blinded and impotent in our efforts for “change.” I lead a Wednesday night prayer group. Tonight we are going to incorporate your prayer guide, as we pray for revival. May The Lord graciously hear our cry and grant us that which we are asking of Him through Jesus.

    May The Lord continue to bless you, your precious family, your ministry, and your church! Please give your sweet bride a big hug from me!:)


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