Season of Fasting and Prayer, Day 3

As we continue to cry out to God for mercy, here are more specific requests to bring before him.


Lord, Have Mercy on Your People

Scriptures to pray

  • Lord, Have Mercy on Us: Psalm 23
  • Lord, Have Mercy on Your People: 1Corinthians 12.1–13
  • Lord, Have Mercy on This City: Luke 10.25–37

Have mercy on our leaders

  • Elders: Matthew H, Gordon S
  • Deacons: Winston J, Larry J, Richard D
  • Trustees: Larry J, Wendy S, Donna S, Eric W, Florence E, Grace A, Elsie C, Winston J

Have mercy on our congregation

  • Let our lives more and more be centered on the gospel (1Cor 15.1–4; Rom 1.16)
  • Let the preaching of the Word transform us (2Tim 3.15–17) by directing us to Christ (Col 1.24–29)
  • Let our worship reflect Your unique excellence (Isa 6.1–4) and draw non-Christians to You (1Cor 14.24–25)
  • Let us help one another follow Jesus by pursuing Christlikeness in the context of relationships (Mt 28.18–20; 2Tim 2.2)
  • Give us more shepherds/elders who will care for this church that Jesus purchased with his own blood (Acts 20.28)
  • Let us display Your love to the world by our love for one another (Jn 13.34–35)

Have mercy on the needy

  • Wayward believers in our congregation
  • The poor in our congregation
  • The sick: Clifford J, Lourdes G, Wendy C, Sharon D, Roy P
  • The bereaved: Raul V, Rubye J, Elsie C, Linda P, Maryvel F
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